Carpentry & Joinery

Carpentry & Joinery

As a qualified and highly skilled Joiner Richard is able to produce beautiful bespoke products using a blend of both modern and traditional manufacturing techniques. His attention to detail is refreshing and his versatility to work with all types of wood is a credit to him, along with this he is also a very competent and highly skilled  on-site carpenter.

So what is the difference between a carpenter and joiner you may ask?

The difference is that a joiner usually makes the timber products that a carpenter fixes on-site,  so for example a Joiner would make the doors, frame and windows for a new building, as traditionally joiners ‘join’ wood in a workshop. Whereas a carpenter would construct them on site, and they generally install the products made by a Joiner. Both are specialist skills for example a joiner  may craft a beautiful staircase, but a carpenter would best placed to fit them. Similarly a carpenter may skilfully hang a door, but a joiner would make a superior quality door (as pictured below).

So at Mackleys you are getting both the specialisms of one craft, all under one roof. 

Solid Oak front doorOur carpentry and joinery services include:

o Hanging doors
o Harwood / Softwood windows & doors
o Wardrobe systems
o Radiator Covers
Balustrades – both glass and timber
o Mantlepieces
o Wardrobes
o Window frames
o Sash windows
and much more…

Hand-made wooden window frame
Under stairs storageUnder stairs storage